We help teams ship higher quality products, faster

Track issues smarter, stay on schedule and on budget, all without needing to change anything about your partners or factories.

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Trusted by teams at Fortune 500 companies, small startups, and everywhere in between.

Issue tracking

Our purpose-built issue tracking makes forgotten issues, neglected factory follow-ups, and missed updates a thing of the past

Manager-focused dashboards

Confidently know whats going on across the program with manager-focused dashboards, and identify and squash your highest risk problems as teams get closer to production.

Powered by AI

Reminders and milestones

Automatically pinpoint and monitor issues across spreadsheets, emails, factory calls, slide decks, and more. Get reminded of upcoming tasks and deadlines so nothing falls through the cracks.

Seamless syncing

Sygma keeps everything in sync across all of your tools for unified tracking. Update once, and see your changes everywhere. The best part is, your factory doesn’t have to change their workflow or communication.

Enterprise grade security

Designed from the ground up for enterprise customer requirements including: SOC 2 Attestation, SAML SSO available, encryption at rest and in transit, and independent 3rd party penetration testing.

“Sygma helps my team accomplish more than we ever could when everything was manual ”

— Elizabeth Brown, Engineering Manager

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